Arcade Machines


Arcade Machines has worked directly with our supplier on the design of this machine and are proud to release it to the Australian Market in January, 2014.

Using proven technology as the backbone, this machine was designed to bring out onto the kitchen or coffee table table where you can sit opposite your partner for hours of gaming enjoyment.

It has a 15" LCD & 60 of the most popular games that can be played in one or two player modes.

It's under 20 kgs and is ideal to move it in and out of place when you would like to have some fun.  It does not require as much space as the larger cocktail table designs but has all the functionality in a two player machine.

This machine is the latest addition to our range and offers excellent play-ability at an exceptional price.

For a complete list of games included in this 60 game version, please click on 60 games list from the Misc menu to the right.


     OUR PRICE $695


 * Includes GST, Tax Invoice & Warranty *


Package Size:   tba

Gross Weight:  tba kgs